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How Seeing A Cosmetic Dentist Can Actually Protect The Health Of Your Mouth

A cosmetic dentist protects the overall look and appearance of your smile, but these professionals can also help to protect the health of your mouth, your teeth, and your gums. Many of the procedures they offer are not just for the sake of appearance but will keep the inside of your mouth safe.

Consider how that is and why you might want to visit a cosmetic dentist if you have any of the following concerns or conditions:

1. Broken and chipped teeth can be easily capped

A broken or chipped tooth is not just unsightly; any jagged edge of a tooth can scrape the inside of your mouth along the gum lines or along the inside of your cheeks. Open cuts are a breeding ground for germs and bacteria, and in turn you are at greater risk for oral infections. Once an infection has developed it can then put you at greater risk for tooth loss. Infections can also travel in your body and settle in other weakened parts, where they get worse and can affect your overall health and immunity.

A cosmetic dentist can easily put a cap over this broken or chipped tooth, or use a veneer to build it up. This in turn not only makes your smile look better but it also protects the inside of your mouth from cuts and scrapes.

2. A missing tooth can be replaced

As with a broken tooth, a missing tooth affects more than just your smile. Because all the teeth rest against each other for support, a missing tooth can put other teeth at greater risk for becoming loose. In turn they too can eventually fall out. A missing tooth also opens up the gums and leaves these exposed. The soft tissue of the gums will hold more germs and bacteria and this will mean an increased risk of gum disease and tooth decay.

A cosmetic dentist can screw in an artificial tooth so that it acts as a permanent replacement, or you can be fitted with a bridge. This is like a set of dentures but with just one tooth or a small set of teeth. You can wear the bridge during the day to support your teeth and cover up the exposed gum line.

Keep these points in mind if you have any broken or chipped teeth or are missing any teeth. A cosmetic dentist can address these problems very quickly and every easily, thereby protecting not just your appearance but the health of your mouth. To learn more, contact a professional like James J. Susack, DMD, PC with any questions you have.