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Is Your Child Older Than 6 Years And Hasn't Lost A Tooth? Get Pediatric Dental Advice

If your child is around 7 to 8 years old and they haven't lost any teeth, you want to get to a pediatric dentist, such as those at Apollo Dental Center, to see what is going on. The average age for beginning tooth loss is 6 years and you'll want to find out if you should be concerned about the delay. The child could have a delay in development and may need orthodontic help. Some parents don't think their child needs to see a dentist until they have adult teeth, and that is false.

The pediatric dentist is going to do an x-ray to see where the adult teeth are, to look at how the adult teeth are developing, and to determine if the baby teeth need to be pulled to make room for the adult teeth. Here are a few problems to be concerned about if your child hasn't lost baby teeth yet.

Crooked Development

The adult teeth my start to turn and come in crooked because the baby teeth are blocking the way. The adult teeth can get shifted out of place before they break through the gum line, and the adult teeth can do damage to the existing baby teeth and cause pain trying to push through. This could cause the child to need braces or other orthodontic treatment at an early age.

Adult Cavities

If there are cavities in the baby teeth that haven't fallen out, the bacteria can go through the root of the tooth into the gum tissue, and can start to deteriorate the adult teeth that haven't broken through. This can cause the teeth to be compromised before they are even exposed and can be cleaned.

Gum Irritation

If the adult teeth are pushing and moving the baby teeth around, the tissue can get sensitive and inflamed. If tissue is cut or exposed, this can allow bacteria to get inside the tissue, increasing the child's risk of developing gum disease. If you can see that the tissue has been damaged by an adult tooth or the gums are inflamed, you want to see a dentist right away.

It may not matter that your child hasn't lost teeth and it may just be something that will take more time for them, but you want to be sure to avoid problems with their oral health. A pediatric specialist that sees children and is familiar with pediatric dental concerns is going to be the best professional for this type of case, since children are their specialty. Don't wait to take your child in, or avoid dental appointments because the teeth in their mouth aren't permanent, and make an appointment right away.