Dental Procedure Pain: Get the Facts

A Short Guide To Replacing A Tooth

There are many reasons why you might need to get a tooth replaced. Maybe you were injured and lost some teeth in your mouth. Maybe one of your teeth is infected and is beyond saving. Regardless of your situation, you might be worried and apprehensive about the future. You might be curious and fearful of what lies ahead.

To help assuage some of those fears, here is an explanation of exactly why you need to get your tooth replaced and some of the most common options for doing so:

Do you really need to replace a missing tooth?

The short answer is yes.

The long answer is that a missing tooth provides the perfect opportunity for bacteria to get into your gums. Your gums will take a while to heal from the missing tooth, during which you will both be uncomfortable and susceptible to pretty serious infections.

However, the thing that you have to worry about most is the infection of tissue deep within your gums. If some bacteria gets into your gums and starts an infection before your gums heal over, then that infection could be incredibly difficult for your dentist to reach. It can easily spread to the roots of other teeth, which will both be extraordinarily painful and dangerous to the integrity of those teeth.

By replacing a missing tooth as soon as possible, even if the solution is only temporary, you will greatly reduce the risk of such an infection.

What is the cheapest choice?

In most cases where money is your primary concern, dentures will be your best bet. You can get dentures for situations where you are only missing a few teeth and cases where you are missing all the teeth on your upper or lower jaws. Dentures simultaneously cost less than other options and are quite likely to be covered by your insurance, which means that you ultimately won't need to pay that much.

What is the most comfortable choice?

While dentures may be cheap, they aren't necessarily comfortable and they won't feel natural. You will need to regularly taken them out for cleaning and maintenance, which means that you will always be acutely aware of their existence.

Instead, you might want to opt for a dental implant, which is essentially a full replacement tooth. While implants are not cheap, they will last you a lifetime and will be practically unnoticeable in your daily life.

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