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Why You Should Get Your Teeth Cleaned By A Dentist

Are you satisfied with brushing your teeth at home without ever making dental appointments for a professional cleaning? Although you might think that brushing your teeth is getting rid of all of the plaque, there is likely still some left in the ridges and cracks that a toothbrush is unable to reach. This article explains a few services that a dentist can offer to make sure your teeth are thoroughly cleaned so you won't have to worry about getting periodontal disease from bacteria.

A Visual Examination Will Be Done

One of the reasons you should visit a dentist is so he or she can visually examine your teeth. There may be things wrong that you are unable to see, such as an accumulation of plaque on some of your back molars. The visual examination is also a good way for the dentist to find out if you have periodontal disease and just don't know it. For instance, if you have bleeding gums and think it is from brushing your teeth, it might actually be from periodontal disease. The dentist will be able to treat the disease before it becomes worse and clean your teeth to remove plaque.

Scaling & Root Planing Might Be Necessary

If you notice that yellow plaque stays on your teeth even when you brush them thoroughly, it is likely due to the plaque turning into tartar. Basically, tartar is still plaque, only it has become hard and difficult to remove with just a toothbrush. One of the services provided by a dentist to get rid of tartar is called scaling, which consists of a tool being used to manually scrape the tartar off. Another service is called root planing and is done to remove tartar from the root area of your teeth. You don't have to opt for scaling and root planing together, but it is in your best interest to do so because it can prevent bacteria from building up from plaque.

Fluoride Will Be Used for Protection Against Demineralization

Demineralization happens when the mineral crystals that make up the enamel of your teeth starts to deteriorate. The key to preventing demineralization is to keep plaque off of the enamel. By treating your teeth with fluoride, a dentist can help your teeth regain the minerals that are lost in a timely manner. Fluoride can also protect the enamel of your teeth by interfering with acids developing from the bacteria in plaque. Get your teeth cleaned by a dental professional as soon as you can.