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Tasty Snacks For Children That Dentists Approve Of

Children constantly need to eat. At least, that's the way it feels. They will seem to always complain of being hungry and need snacks a lot more than adults. The problem is finding a snack that won't harm their teeth. Here are some great, tasty snacks for children that your dentist will approve of.

Fresh Fruit and Veg

Of course, the obvious snack option is fruit and veg, thanks to all the nutrients these foods have. Many of the darker greens are full of minerals to build stronger teeth and bones, while some fruits are full of vitamin C and antioxidants to promote good overall and oral health.

These won't seem that tasty at first, but you can make them interesting and fun. Try adding some natural Greek yoghurt to them—just a little to get the dairy intake—or consider opting for rice cakes or salsa dips. You can layout the snacks in a fun shape or as a funky creature to make them fun, tasty and healthy.

Nuts and Seeds

As long as your child doesn't have an allergy, nuts and seeds are tasty and dentists will love them. Your doctor will also love to hear that your children are eating them, as they're full of protein and healthy fats. Do watch out for over consuming and think carefully about the types of nuts you include. Some are sweeter than others. They can also get stuck in the teeth.

Cream Cheese and Bread Sticks

Cream cheese is an excellent source of calcium, as well as a tasty snack. You can help to manage some of the potential bitterness by adding a bit of lemon juice. This is naturally sweet and also offers some benefits to the oral health. Offer some bread sticks for dipping in the cream cheese.

This isn't just a fun snack for children, but also an excellent option for babies just starting on foods. They get used to the chewing action and the bread sticks are long enough to hold to learn motion controls.

Hard-Boiled Eggs

Eggs are filling and healthy, and they're good for the teeth. They aren't full of sugars, even natural ones, so they won't lead to tooth decay as much as some of the most common snacks. They can also be eaten hot or cold, making them the perfect snacks for on the go. Eggs are full of protein and good cholesterol, so your doctor and your dentist will both approve.

While you want to look for healthy snacks, you should still be aware of the risk of bacteria growth in your child's mouth. Brush their teeth regularly, and don't allow your child to constantly snack and drink juice. They need breaks throughout the day, so the teeth aren't constantly fighting against sugars and acids. For more information, contact a dentist such as Waller Ray DDS.