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Three Options For Fixing Your Dentures When You Have A Fake Tooth Knocked Out

People will be themselves, no matter what age they are. That means that highly confrontational people will still be highly confrontational, regardless of age eighteen or age eighty-eight. As such, punches may be thrown, and teeth may be knocked out. The only difference is, when you are eighty-eight (or thereabouts), you probably have dentures and the knocked out tooth is fake. If you have recently broken your dentures after a an act of physical aggression, here are three options for fixing them and putting the knocked out tooth back.


Your dentist may decide that an adhesive is the easiest and least expensive method of putting the knocked out fake tooth back into your dentures. As long as you have not cracked the rest of the denture plate, "gluing" the tooth back in is a good idea. It is an even better idea if you think that you might get into another fight with someone else because then a repeat visit to your dentist will not cost quite so much.

Wiring in the Fake Tooth

Dental wire commonly used for braces and partial dentures can be used to temporarily or permanently reinstall the fake tooth in its rightful spot. The wire wraps around and between the fake teeth that are still attached to the denture plate, and then wrap around the "tooth" that was knocked out. This holds the knocked-out tooth in place and makes the denture whole again. It may be more secure than adhesive alone, but when combined with dental adhesives, it makes the knocked-out tooth very secure.

Entirely New Denture Plate

This is an option which most people try to avoid because the new denture plate will be expensive. Medicare and other types of insurance usually do not cover the cost of replacement sets of dentures when replacement sets are required within a short time of getting the original set. That generally means that you have to pay for the new dentures entirely out of pocket.

However, if that is the only option your dentist offers, or if it is the best option for the situation, then a new denture plate will require taking an entirely new mold of your mouth and time to construct the denture. In the meantime, you will have to go around with the denture that is missing a tooth. You will also have to be very careful not to get into any more fights until your new denture is ready and after the new denture is complete. For more information, contact companies like Bristol Dental Group.