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The Lowdown On Protecting Your Dental Crown From Damage

Do you have a dental crown? If so, it is imperative that you know how to take care of your teeth to prevent crown damage. There are some things that you may be voluntarily doing that are posing a risk. There may be other things that are out of your control. The following will help you to understand both. 

The Wrong Foods

If you are a person who eats sticky foods such as taffy or candy apples, then your crown may get dislodged. This is because the force of biting down or chewing on these foods combined with their sticky texture can pull dental crowns away from the teeth they are affixed to. Keep in mind that your crown may not come off while you are eating these types of foods, but it can get loose over time and eventually fall out. If your crown falls out and is in good condition, your dentist may be able to re-cement it to your tooth. There is a chance that eating the wrong foods can cause cracks in crowns, which means that you might need a new one. 

Problems With the Affected Tooth

Dentists have to use special techniques to get teeth prepared for crown placements. Sometimes this involves actions such as filing teeth down to aid in the crowns adhering to teeth. This can mean that there is barely enough tooth structure left behind to hold the crown. There are also cases of individuals whose teeth have naturally worn down from decay to the point that it might pose an obstacle for dentists to get the crown to adhere. You might have been advised that your tooth was badly damaged and that there was a chance the crown might come off in the future. 

Crown Issues

Dental crowns are made from durable materials, but they can still get cracks in them. This can happen as a result of natural force or due to actions such as tooth grinding. People with crowns who grind their teeth should wear a mouthguard while they sleep. Small cracks aid in making dental crowns loosen up over time. They can also expose the underlying tooth to foods that are eaten and allow bacteria to settle beneath the crown. You might experience tooth sensitivity if you have a damaged crown. Getting it replaced as soon as possible will aid in ensuring that your tooth does not get badly damaged and have to be extracted. 

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