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2 Tips To Keep Your Crown Clean After Getting A Traditional Bridge

Traditional bridges are some of the most commonly used dental bridges. They are installed with the help of a dental crown that is placed over the tooth. If you are missing a tooth, then a traditional bridge will help to ensure that your remaining teeth do not move into the open space. In order for your dental bridge to last a long time, it needs to remain healthy. Dental bridges can often fail if the dental crown becomes contaminated. Food and debris can often seep under your dental crown if it is not properly cared for. This will result in intensive cleaning to remove any infection. Fortunately, there are few tips that you can use to keep your dental crown clean after getting your traditional bridge.

Use a Waterflosser to Clean the Area

Once you get your dental bridge installed, your dental crown may be extremely difficult to access with a toothbrush. In order to make cleaning easier, you should fill up your water flosser with an oral rinse. You can direct this oral rinse at your dental crown and along your gum line. This will help to remove any build up that has formed near the crown. Using an oral rinse in your water flosser is much better than just using water because it helps to get rid of bacteria. Make sure that you use your water flosser immediately after eating in order to combat potential decay and plaque accumulation.

Avoid Consuming Sticky Substances

Some of your favorite beverages or snacks may leave a sticky consistency on the surface of your tooth. This not only makes it more difficult to remove but will most likely result in tooth decay. If you have a dental crown that is covered by a dental bridge, then consuming these substances will only make your crown more difficult to keep clean. Therefore, these substances should either be eliminated from your diet entirely or they should be kept to a minimum. If you decide to continue consuming these foods, then make sure to clean the area with an antibacterial rinse immediately.

If you get a traditional bridge, then a dental crown is often necessary in order to restore your smile and to fill in the gaps. Keeping both your dental bridge and crown clean can be difficult. Therefore, use these tips to ensure that the health of your dental crown does not suffer.

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