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Questions About Getting Crowns

If you have a pretty bad cavity, a broken tooth or another problem with one or more of your teeth that has put you in the position of possibly needing to have a crown put on it then you have probably come up with a good number of questions about crowns. Here are some of the frequently asked questions a lot of people generally have about crowns and the answers to them:

Does it hurt to have a crown put on?

It generally doesn't hurt to have a crown put on. However, if your reason for having a crown put on is due to a painful break then having the crown on won't immediately take away that pain, especially if you also have inflammation in your gum. The dentist may have to grind down some of your tooth so there is room for the crown and to make it the right shape for the crown to be put on. While this can make your tooth a bit sensitive afterward, it should still not cause you actual pain.

What options do you have available to you with regards to the type of crown you get?

You can choose from different types of metals such as stainless steel, gold alloy, other types of alloy and more. You can also choose to have the crown made of all metal so your tooth appears silver or gold to others. You can also have it be partially metal with the front or front and top made of porcelain or you can choose to go with a complete porcelain crown. All of these options allows you to end up with a crown that completely suits your wants and needs.

Can anything be done to give a crown a customized look?

Along with choosing the materials that a crown is made of, there is other ways you can go about having them customized as well. You can even have a permanent tattoo put on the face of the crown if you choose to go with a porcelain face. While you can have just about anything tattooed on the crown you do want to make sure you go with something small enough to completely fit on the crown while it still being obvious what it is from a fair distance away. Stay away from colors that can make the tattoo look like something is stuck in your teeth. Red can look like blood on a tooth and green can look like food caught between your teeth.

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