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3 Dentist Tips For Flossing Your Teeth

One very important aspect of proper dental care is flossing. However, it is sadly something that most people neglect to do because they feel that it is too time consuming or too difficult to do. Thankfully, there are certain tips that your dentist can give you to help you floss effectively. This article will discuss 3 of these tips in more detail.

Go In At Angle

Flossing your teeth is an excellent way to get the food particles removed and to keep your teeth healthy and strong. However, if you do not floss properly, then you can cause a lot of damage to your gums and you will experience a great deal of unnecessary pain. One tip that your dentist can give you is to take your floss in at an angle that goes around the curve of each tooth. This allows you to floss the entire tooth, from root to tip, without worrying about hitting your gums and causing them harm and pain.

Water Flossers Are Great Tools

If you have teeth that are close together, then it is going to be quite difficult for you to get floss in between them. It can also be very time consuming because you will likely break a lot of floss in the process. One great way that your dentist may recommend for you to floss your teeth, without going through all of the hassle, is to use a water flosser. This is a type of floss that is created from a strong surge of water. This water dislodges the food and other particles from in between your teeth, giving the same, if not a more effective result, than dental floss.

Use Floss Threaders For Braces

Many people think that they should just forgo flossing when they have braces because they believe that it is impossible to thread floss between the wires. However, neglecting flossing while wearing braces can lead to poor oral health and can cause a great deal of issues with your teeth. Your dentist will recommend that you use floss threaders to floss your teeth. These threaders have a loop on the end that you thread your floss through and then the other end had a stiff plastic that you can easily thread above the wire. This makes it easier for you to floss each tooth in entirety and keep the best oral health possible while you have your braces.

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