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Tips For Caring For Your Implant Crowns

Getting a dental implant with a crown on it is a great way to fill in any areas where teeth are missing and complete your smile. When you get your dental crown put on it is very important that you take good care of it. This will help it to remain in good condition and will allow it to function much like a natural tooth. Since an implant crown is a bit different than a natural tooth, there are certain things that you need to do to ensure that it is well cared for. This article will discuss some tips for caring for your implant crown or crowns. 

Use Interproximal Toothbrushes

When you have a crown placed over your dental implant, it will likely rest quite snug between your other two teeth. This gives it the much desired look of a natural tooth, but it can sometimes make it harder to clean. Because of this, it is important that you use the proper toothbrush when brushing your teeth. A great toothbrush to use when specifically brushing around your dental crown is a interproximal toothbrush. This is a thin brush with a wired head that has bristles on it. Because the brush is so thin, it can easily squeeze between teeth. You will then pull the brush and back forth in order to clean all of the build up out from between the teeth and the dental crown. This helps to not only keep your dental crown clean and the surrounding gums healthy, but it can also help to keep your surrounding teeth clean and healthy as well. 

Choose A Low Abrasive Toothpaste

One thing that can actually be harmful to a dental implant is an abrasive toothpaste. These toothpastes are generally labeled as toothpastes that are good for removing stains or whitening your teeth. They generally contain baking soda, fluoride, or some of kind of stain remover, which can be somewhat gritty or otherwise abrasive. When using this toothpaste on your implant crowns, you are at much greater risk of scratching them and damaging them. This could cause you to have to replace them much earlier than planned, which can turn out to be very costly for you. Instead, using mild toothpastes that don't have those harmful abrasive ingredients and texture to them, can allow you to get your implant crowns clean without accidentally causing any unnecessary damage to them.