Dental Procedure Pain: Get the Facts

What To Know About Undergoing A Smile Makeover

The condition of your teeth will be one of the most noticeable aspects of your appearance. However, it can be possible to suffer from a variety of dental health issues over the course of your life. These issues can result in your smile becoming severely degraded. To avoid the self-esteem issues and social embarrassment that can come from a compromised smile, it may be wise to undergo a smile makeover procedure.

Will A Smile Makeover Be Suitable For Those With Structural Damages To Their Teeth?

If your teeth currently have decay, chips, or cracks, it may be necessary to have these issues addressed before you can undergo the smile makeover. Generally, the procedures that are done during a smile makeover will be cosmetic in nature, which means that they will not be suitable for repairing structural damages to the teeth. While repairing these damages may delay your smile makeover, it can be essential for ensuring that the overall health of your smile is protected.

Additionally, some procedures can simply not be done on damaged teeth. For example, the whitening gel cannot be applied to cracked or decayed teeth because it can be very damaging and painful if this whitening gel gets inside the tooth through these openings.

What Types Of Procedures Can Be Performed During A Smile Makeover?

A smile makeover can encompass a variety of treatments that are designed to remedy the particular problems that your mouth is experiencing. For some patients, this will involve undergoing extensive whitening and orthodontic treatments while others may be dental bonding and tooth reconstructions. An initial consultation with a cosmetic dentist will be necessary for allowing them to identify the procedures that will allow for the most benefits. As part of this evaluation, it may be necessary to undergo routine x-rays so that the dentist can inspect the condition of the roots of the teeth.

Are Smile Makeover Procedures Covered By Insurance?

Unfortunately, it should be noted that most dental insurance will not cover all of the procedures that may be needed. In particular, it is unlikely to pay for procedures that are purely cosmetic in nature. Furthermore, most dental policies have relatively low yearly caps, which can easily be exceeded by the dental work that may be needed. As a result of these factors, you may find that it will be necessary to break the makeover into a series of stages. Depending on the dentist that you use, it may also be possible to use a payment plan to allow you to finance much of this cost.

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