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Not Yet Convinced About Getting Dental Veneers? Consider These Four Reasons

Not completely in love with the way your smile looks? Know that there is always something that you can do about it. Out of all the cosmetic procedures out there, dental veneers may be your best option for correcting the cosmetic problems with your teeth. Here are several reasons why you should consider this procedure over the others.

Veneers Can Fix Many Cosmetic Problems

If you have many problems with your teeth that you want to fix at the same time, veneers will provide a solution that you cannot get with other procedures. Veneers are essentially a thin shell that goes over your teeth, so they can hide problems with cracks or chips, gaps, unevenness, and discoloration.

However, veneers can only be used if there is just cosmetic damage. The teeth need to be healthy. For example, if the discoloration is caused by an infection, you'll first need to have the infection treated or else it will get worse.

Veneers Resist Staining

When using porcelain for your veneers, be aware that the material resists natural staining that is caused by food that you eat or even medication that you take. Porcelain is not a natural material like your tooth enamel, so the effects of dark foods do not have the same effect. You'll be able to eat berries, drink red wine, and enjoy your morning coffee all without the worry that you are damaging how your teeth look.

Veneers Retain The Natural Teeth

One nice thing about dental veneers is that they do not involve pulling any of your natural teeth for the procedure. As long as the tooth is still healthy and can hold the dental veneer, it can remain. However, this means that the veneers also depend on your natural teeth for support. Natural teeth are still susceptible to getting cavities on the surfaces that are not covered by the veneers, and losing a natural tooth means that you lose the support for the porcelain shell.

Veneers Are Easy To Care For

The good thing about veneers are that you care for them with normal flossing and brushing, just like natural teeth. As long as you stick to your normal oral health routine, it will help ensure that the veneers stay clean and that your natural teeth remain healthy.

These are just a few reasons to get dental veneers. For more information, reach out to your dentist during a consultation. To learn more, visit Advanced Family Dental Care LLC