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A Baseball Just Hit Your Teen In The Mouth: Is Emergency Dental Care Necessary?

Baseball is usually a non-contact sport that may even be a bit boring for even the most dedicated parents to watch. Unfortunately, it can become frightening very quickly when a baseball hits somebody in the mouth. In this scenario, it is important to know when it is time to get emergency dental care for them.

Cracked Teeth Immediately Cause Pain

The moment that baseball hits your teen in the mouth, they are going to be in a lot of pain. That's because they likely just suffered from several cracked teeth and other issues that may need immediate treatment. For example, their teeth may be ready to fall out or may start falling out of their head while they recover from the injury.

This situation is always a frightening one for parents because it can be hard to know what to do when it happens. Many likely want to rush their children out of there and to the hospital right away. Others may think it is wise to just shake it off and sit down for awhile, even when blood starts to flow.

Lots Of Blood May Also Be Common

Once your teen's head clears from the impact of the baseball, they are going to notice a lot of blood flowing out of their mouth. This situation is common when it comes to broken teeth. That's because teeth that are that cracked are likely out of the socket and ready to fall out or have suffered from various types of nerve damage.

Does this mean that an emergency dental visit is necessary? That all depends on how severe the injury is to your teen's face. In some instances, your teen may be lucky and won't have suffered from severe jaw bone injury. However, the force of a baseball striking their face is likely to cause the kind of damage that needs emergency care.

When An Emergency Visit Is Necessary

Moments after you have gotten your teen calmed down and off of the field, it is important to decide if they need emergency care. Honestly, most teens will need some kind of care after taking a baseball to the jaw. It is particularly needed if:

  • One or more teeth appear to have fallen out
  • The blood won't stop flowing
  • Talking is difficult or impossible for teen
  • The jaw appears to be moving strangely
  • An obvious dislocation has occurred in the jaw

If you are uncertain about the extent of your teen's jaw damage and aren't sure what to do, don't panic. Instead, simply call a professional emergency dentist like Northwest Dental Services and Implant Center and schedule an immediate appointment. They can diagnose the spread of the damage and even do surgery to ensure that it doesn't get worse.