Dental Procedure Pain: Get the Facts

3 Simple Solutions For Easing Pain After Getting Your Braces Adjusted

If you recently got braces to help with straightening your teeth, you may have realized that the adjustments that are commonly performed every four to six weeks will often cause you to experience some pain. The adjustments are performed to tighten the teeth on a monthly basis to help with the straightening process because your teeth need to shift into the proper spots, which is why it is something that must be done if you want to have straight teeth in no time. However, the pain from an adjustment tends to last for about 24-48 hours and may be frustrating if you have things to do. If you need some relief, check out the following simple solutions.

1. Use an Oral Pain-Relieving Topical Gel

An oral pain-relieving topical gel is something you can use to get some serious relief from any of the pain that occurs when you have your braces adjusted and tightened. Much like what is often used by parents on teething babies, the topical gel numbs the area to provide instant relief. The relief from the pain may last for several hours at a time before you would need to reapply the topical gel to both the teeth and the gums again.

2. Stick With Soup 

Eating hard or slightly crunchy foods may cause you more discomfort after you have had your braces tightened, so it is better to stick with those warm, soothing foods, such as a bowl of soup. Both tomato and chicken noodle are ideal because they typically do not contain large chunks of vegetables or meat. If you are not a big soup eater, you can always choose something else that is warm and soft, such as mashed potatoes or a bowl of cream of wheat. Not only will you not have to worry about biting down on something that is hard and can easily make your pain even worse, but you will also have that warm, soothing sensation coming from the food you are eating to provide some relief from the pain.

3. Use a Black Tea Bag

Brew a cup of black tea, squeeze out the excess water from the tea bag, and then apply the tea bag to your gums. The heat provides soothing relief, but black tea is also known for its anti-inflammatory properties. It could potentially reduce any inflammation in your mouth, making you feel a lot better.

Getting your braces adjusted and tightened is something you will need to have done quite often. If you tend to experience pain after an adjustment that lasts for a day or two and you want to get quick relief, these are some of the simplest solutions to consider.