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Signs You Need A Dental Crown

A dental crown is used as both a cosmetic and dental tool to help make your mouth healthier and more attractive. You may need a dental crown if you have a certain oral condition that won't respond well to other treatments. A dental crown is placed in your mouth under a local anesthesia and is done in a regular dentist's chair, so you usually won't need to be referred to a dental specialist or oral surgeon unless you need more dental work done.

 Your dentist will discuss this option with you and let you know what to expect during the procedure. You will also learn how to care for a dental crown to help the fixture last. Here are signs you need a dental crown.

You have missing teeth

Having an infected or dying tooth pulled is sometimes the best dental solution but can lead to you feeling self-conscious about your smile. If your missing tooth is exposed when you smile, you can get a dental crown to fill the space between your teeth and restore your smile to a more attractive, youthful appearance. You can also get a crown where a tooth used to be to make eating foods and speaking easier.

You have broken teeth

Chipped or broken teeth can become further damaged by hard foods or grinding your teeth. When the tooth enamel is worn, your broken and chipped teeth also become more susceptible to dental decay, which can lead to having to have the teeth pulled in the future. To avoid having further dental work done, your dentist may recommend getting a crown to cover the broken areas of your teeth. As a bonus, the crown(s) you get can make your teeth look more attractive compared to your surrounding teeth, which can make you feel more confident in your smile.

You have smaller adult teeth

Sometimes your canines or other teeth, especially in the front of your smile, can be smaller than surrounding teeth, giving your mouth an immature, uneven appearance when you smile. You can get dental crowns over your smaller teeth to make them match your other teeth to give your smile a more adult, attractive appearance.

Dental crowns can be an excellent dental solution for many of your dental woes. Your dentist will examine your teeth and make a mold of your teeth to determine the best custom dental crowns for your needs to make your mouth healthier.