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Did Your Child Just Earn A Spot On Their School Sports Team? 3 Tips To Prevent Their Favorite Game From Harming Their Teeth

Pediatric dentists love to hear that their older patients are staying active since a healthy body is an important part of maintaining good oral health. However, they also tend to be the first ones to notice a few of the negative side effects that playing a sport can have on teeth. Now that your child has earned their rightful spot on their school's sports team, you can use these tips to make sure that their pearly whites look great in the stadium spotlight. 

Limit Sports Drinks

Sports and energy drinks are often marketed to older children and teens who think that a few quick drinks are all it takes to give them superstar powers on the field. While it is a good idea for your child to stay hydrated, they can easily do so with just plain water or a homemade electrolyte mix. Sports drinks are highly acidic and contain large amounts of sugar that lead to enamel erosion and tooth decay. If your child does indulge in a sports drink, make sure to have them rinse their mouth with water afterward and try to limit how often this occurs.

Make Mouthguards Mandatory

Most school sports require mouthguards to be worn during competitions and formal practice sessions. However, many student-athletes love practicing their sport after hours with their teammates. Talk to your kid about the importance of wearing their mouthguard even when adults are not present. Many dental injuries occur after hours when kids are practicing with less supervision, and all it takes is wearing the mouthguard to help prevent your teen losing one of your their adult teeth.

Carry a Dental Hygiene Kit

Kids dentistry tends to focus on preventative care as much as possible since setting up an oral hygiene routine now means that most children will follow it later. Now that your teen has a schedule filled with practices, competitions, and scrimmages, you can bet that it will get even harder to squeeze in those twice-daily tooth brushings. Make it easier by stashing an oral hygiene kit in your kid's gym bag. They can quickly brush their teeth after they shower in the locker room, and they'll always have their kit handy if they run late getting home from a game.

Your developing sports star deserves a smile that shines clear up to the audience in the bleachers. While their focus is on their brand new sports career at school, you can help make sure that they never miss a moment to brush up on their dental care regimen by following these steps and regularly taking them to a local kids dentistry clinic like William E Kemper DMD