Dental Procedure Pain: Get the Facts

Are You Looking For A New Dentist?

Have you recently moved into a new town or city? Or, it may be that you've moved to a neighborhood that is far from your previous one, though in the same city. No matter the reason for your move, you may want to find a new family dentist. 

If that's the case, here are some ideas that might help you, from finding out about family dentistry services in your area to meeting the dentist and the office staff in person.

Family Dentistry Services

You are already maintaining good oral hygiene at home, and teaching that important principle to your children, aren't you? Maybe you even have a reward system for each time your kids brush and floss your teeth. And, it's likely that you are teaching the kids the importance of a proper diet. Sugar snacks are probably simply a now-and-then treat, right? 

However, there is more to maintaining healthy teeth than what you do at home. A dentist will have the training and the experience to do everything that is needed to help you to have a beautiful smile and to take care of any pain you might be experiencing.

For example, if you have a cavity that is keeping you awake at night, head to the dentist as soon as you can. He or she will have the skills to take care of that cavity in no time at all and with very little pain. Maybe you or one of your children has chipped or broken a tooth. Your family dentist will more than likely be happy to take care of that, too.

Do you brush with a whitening toothpaste and it's just not doing the job? The dentist might suggest that you have your teeth whitened with a more sophisticated system. Maybe your dentist will detect the very beginning of receding gums that could be a major problem in the future. If so, the dentist or the dental hygienist will help you to learn a better method of brushing your teeth. You will probably be given a soft toothbrush to take home with you, with the counsel to continue using a soft toothbrush consistently.

The Dental Office Staff

Your new dentist's capabilities are of utmost importance. However, it's also nice to be well taken care of by the office staff. For example, will you be reminded of upcoming dental appointments? How are returned calls handled? If you find that it takes forever to hear back from the dentist's office while you are in pain, that is an issue to discuss with the dentist.

Is the staff friendly to your children? Are there toys and books for them to use while they're waiting for their turn to see the dentist? You could go into the dental office even before you register as new patients. That personal visit might be what determines whether you will make your first appointment or whether you need to keep looking for a new dentist.