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Cavity Pain: What It Feels Like And How To Treat It

Cavities in your teeth occur from decay eating away at the surface of teeth, and there are times when there can be a lot of pain from a cavity. If you feel pain in one of your teeth, it could likely be from a cavity, and here are several things to know about this type of pain and what you can do to treat it.

The pain cavities cause

For starters, you should know that there are times when you might have cavities and experience no pain whatsoever. Not every cavity causes pain, so if you are pain-free, it may not indicate that you are cavity-free.

In most situations, a cavity will not cause pain when it first develops. This is mainly because a cavity is not large right away. It will start off as just a small sticky spot on a tooth and will gradually spread around a tooth and into a tooth. As the decay works through the enamel, pain might start appearing, and this pain is often in the form of sensitivity. Your tooth might feel sharp pains when you eat sugary foods or drink cold beverages. This is often the initial pain you will feel from a cavity.

As the cavity spreads into the tooth, it may start causing a dull aching feeling or throbbing sensation. Leaving it untreated may end up causing a major toothache that you cannot stand.

Why cavities cause pain

Cavities cause pain because they damage teeth and eat away at teeth. When a cavity gets into a tooth, it can end up reaching the nerves of the tooth and the roots. This is when a cavity starts causing severe pain, and it occurs because an infection forms in these areas. Sensitivity occurs from cavities due to the way cavities remove enamel. Without enamel on a tooth, your tooth is unprotected, and this will always lead to sensitivity.

Things to do to relieve the pain

If you have cavity pain, you should schedule a dental visit. While you wait for the day of your appointment, you should avoid eating sugary foods and cold drinks. You may also want to avoid really hot foods and drinks. You can also apply tooth-numbing products on your tooth to help with the pain and take over-the-counter pain medications.

Ultimately, you will need to go to a dental clinic to have the dentist remove the cavity and fill it if you want to solve the problem correctly. You can schedule an appointment for this by contacting a local dental clinic.

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