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Partial Dentures: Why Consider Them?

When you think of dentures, you often think of having a whole set of teeth comically clacking about. The reality is this: not everyone needs a whole set of dentures, and of those who do need dentures, they may only be necessary on the upper quadrants of the mouth and not the lower.

If you have several teeth that are missing, dead, dying, or need to be removed, then it's time to start thinking of dentures as an alternative to your traditional smile. Upper partial dentures may be right for you if you don't need whole dentures, and here's why.

You restore a majority of your smile

When you smile, the teeth that show the most are usually your top ones. If you are missing your top front teeth and incisors, it's likely been noticed by others before and can affect the way you smile, chew, talk, and enjoy your oral health. You can improve your smile by simply getting upper partial dentures that can be fitted to the upper part of your mouth, allowing you to have a more natural, fuller smile.

You can still use your lower teeth as normal, and as soon as you get used to your new upper partials, you'll realize they operate much like your original full set of teeth did. Upper partial dentures can be semi-permanently affixed to other teeth like a retainer or be put in via dental implants, depending on what your dental practitioner decides to do.

You restore your facial shape and overall dental health

When you need to have a few teeth removed, the best thing to do is replace them so you don't have laxity in your face shape and so you can preserve the rest of your teeth. Rather than wait until all your teeth have to be removed to get dentures, start by getting partial dentures where you need them most, which is often in the upper part of the mouth. Upper partial dentures will be fitted to your mouth's shape and will match the color and shape of your existing teeth so they can look more natural and give you more confidence in your oral health.

When you get fitted for upper partial dentures, your dentist will show you how to take care of your new smile so you can keep your teeth and gums healthy. Continue to get regular dental checkups so your oral health remains strong. if your upper partials become loose or uncomfortable, let your dentist know so you can possibly be refitted.