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3 Benefits Of Undergoing A Full Arch Rehabilitation Procedure

You should consider going for a dental implant if you have damaged teeth. Besides the health benefits of dental implants over dentures, these implants will also improve your smile. While there are many dental implants, full arch implants are the best, especially for someone missing many teeth. The full arch rehabilitation procedure involves using prosthetic teeth to replace the damaged ones. After this procedure, you will have a new set of prosthetic teeth that may feel like natural teeth. Here are three benefits of the full arch rehabilitation procedure.

It Is a Relatively Comfortable Procedure

The main advantage of the full arch rehabilitation process is that it's not overly intrusive. Before the full arch rehabilitation process, the dentist will explain the procedure and highlight the key things to expect. The process is usually fast, and you may not experience any issues. In contrast, dentures can be irritating and uncomfortable, especially when they slip. Another advantage is that you will have a better outcome if you go for the full arch rehabilitation procedure. Your dental implants will be securely attached to your jawbone, meaning you don't have to worry about your teeth falling. Furthermore, your teeth will feel natural after the full arch rehabilitation process, giving you the confidence to speak and eat in public.

It Preserves Your Jawbone

The jawbone is negatively affected when you start losing your teeth. Its primary purpose is to hold the teeth, and if they are damaged, it starts deteriorating. However, dental implants aid in boosting jawbone growth. The full arch rehabilitation process involves inserting an artificial root that holds the crown. This root aids in bone growth, thus giving someone a perfectly aligned jawbone. Additionally, the full arch rehabilitation procedure improves one's appearance. Dental implants improve the jawbone's structure, making one look young and more appealing. Ultimately, you will have better jawbone health if you go for the full arch rehabilitation procedure instead of using dentures.

It Has Long-Term Results

The final benefit of full arch rehabilitation procedures is that they have more long-lasting results than using dentures. The rehabilitation procedure involves inserting an artificial root and teeth similar to the real ones, thus leading to long-term results. However, one must take care of these prosthetic teeth to ensure they last long. In contrast, you must replace dentures after a few years. Another benefit of the arch rehabilitation process is that you don't have to limit your food. Prosthetic teeth are firmly implanted, so you don't need any diet restrictions because you are afraid the teeth may slip.

For more information on full arch rehabilitation procedures, contact a professional near you.