3 Things to Help Make Your Child's Next Dentist Appointment Easier

Do you have a child that needs to visit the dentist? Have you had a difficult time with dentist visits in the past? Few adults enjoy going to the dentist, so it should come as no surprise if you're having a difficult time convincing your child that visiting his or her dentist is a good idea. But since visiting a pediatric dentist is essential to the dental health of your child, it's important that you make him or her go anyway. [Read More]

What It Means When Your Hygienist Calls Out Numbers While Examining Your Gums

When you go in to the dentist's office for a dental cleaning, part of the cleaning often involves the hygienist checking your gums and calling out numbers. You may be wondering what this is all about. If you are too shy to ask the hygienist, the following information will help you understand why this is done. Gum Tissue Coverage Your gums are responsible for holding your teeth in place. There are many levels of tissue thickness and " [Read More]

Don't Let Fear Keep You From The Dentist

If thought of sitting in the dentist's chair terrifies you, you're not alone. It's estimated that between 30-40 million Americans are afraid of going to the dentist. The phobia can be so strong that sufferers will often go without important treatment and suffer continued pain, allowing the health of their teeth to be compromised. Thankfully, there is now sedation dentistry that can be used to help alleviate fear and anxiety. [Read More]

2 Tips To Keep Your Crown Clean After Getting A Traditional Bridge

Traditional bridges are some of the most commonly used dental bridges. They are installed with the help of a dental crown that is placed over the tooth. If you are missing a tooth, then a traditional bridge will help to ensure that your remaining teeth do not move into the open space. In order for your dental bridge to last a long time, it needs to remain healthy. Dental bridges can often fail if the dental crown becomes contaminated. [Read More]