Three Options For Fixing Your Dentures When You Have A Fake Tooth Knocked Out

People will be themselves, no matter what age they are. That means that highly confrontational people will still be highly confrontational, regardless of age eighteen or age eighty-eight. As such, punches may be thrown, and teeth may be knocked out. The only difference is, when you are eighty-eight (or thereabouts), you probably have dentures and the knocked out tooth is fake. If you have recently broken your dentures after a an act of physical aggression, here are three options for fixing them and putting the knocked out tooth back. [Read More]

3 Reasons To Use A Dental Staffing Firm When Opening A Private Practice After Dental School

Upon graduating from dental school, young dentists who want to go into private practice are faced with much more than simply cleaning teeth and filling cavities. They must also make all of the decisions that are associated with running a business, for a private dental practice is a business. If you're a dentist and struggling to manage all aspects of your dental practice, hiring a dental staffing firm to fill any open positions in your office will make your life much easier. [Read More]

Can Poor Oral Health Lead To Death?

You may have heard stories of people being refused insurance payouts because of their undeclared poor oral health. There are stories of oral health leading to poor overall and possibly death. Is this really true? Here's a look at the link between poor oral health and death. Affects the Immune System Gum disease has been linked to a poor immune system. The disease means that the immune system is constantly compromised, and can't fight against other diseases as it usually would. [Read More]

Tasty Snacks For Children That Dentists Approve Of

Children constantly need to eat. At least, that's the way it feels. They will seem to always complain of being hungry and need snacks a lot more than adults. The problem is finding a snack that won't harm their teeth. Here are some great, tasty snacks for children that your dentist will approve of. Fresh Fruit and Veg Of course, the obvious snack option is fruit and veg, thanks to all the nutrients these foods have. [Read More]