Hate Your Ugly Smile? Get Help Fast

If your smile has always bothered you because your teeth look too big, and because they aren't straight and perfect, a cosmetic dentist could help. If you don't like the color, shape and alignment of your smile, or your gums, the cosmetic dentistry professional can help you determine what to have done. There are a few different options to correct the problems that you have, and you'll get a procedure plan and a cost estimate when you go for your consultation. [Read More]

Pros and Cons of Using Rubber Bands to Close the Gap between Your Front Teeth

If you have a gap between your two front teeth, one method your dentist may suggest to close the gap is using rubber bands. By simply looping a special rubber band around your two front teeth, you can slowly draw them closer together, closing the gap within a couple of months. This method, while simple, is not right for everyone. Weigh these pros and cons (and also speak with your dentist) before deciding whether using bands to close the gap between your teeth is the right choice for you. [Read More]

Pediatric Dental Visits: What Parents Can Expect

Are you and your family members taking advantage of the regular dentist visits that your insurance covers? As time goes on, many people forget the importance of going to the dentist; most alarmingly, however, they forget about taking their younger kids and their toddlers to a pediatric dentist. Here's what parents like you can expect when taking your school-aged children and toddlers in for a dental visit: Children Will Be Placed At Ease [Read More]

Want A Great Dental Check Up? Remove Plaque At Home With Walnut Shells

If you're like most people, you want your mouth to be as clean as possible. You brush and floss your teeth twice a day to remove plaque so it doesn't turn into tartar. However, sometimes that's not enough and you could end up sitting in the dentist's chair in horror, listening to them tell you that you have the beginnings of gum disease. As with anything else, there are natural methods to remove plaque. [Read More]