Tips For Helping Your Child Cope With Braces

You may not be happy when you learn your child needs to wear braces. Besides the expense, you may imagine the next few years filled with arguments about keeping the braces clean and not losing the retainer. However, wearing braces does not have to be a bad experience for you or your child. Here are a few tips for making the experience more pleasant. Choose Kid-Friendly Braces There are different types of braces your child can wear. [Read More]

A Short Guide To Replacing A Tooth

There are many reasons why you might need to get a tooth replaced. Maybe you were injured and lost some teeth in your mouth. Maybe one of your teeth is infected and is beyond saving. Regardless of your situation, you might be worried and apprehensive about the future. You might be curious and fearful of what lies ahead. To help assuage some of those fears, here is an explanation of exactly why you need to get your tooth replaced and some of the most common options for doing so: [Read More]

All About Getting A Crown

If you have a tooth that's in bad shape, whether due to an injury or tooth decay, then you may be a good candidate for a crown. Having a crown put on that tooth will help protect its integrity and restore it so you can keep your natural looking smile. If you are unaware of everything involved with getting a crown, this article will educate you on the process. Your first appointment [Read More]

The Best Alternative To The Dentist Drill For Cavities

It's one of the worst feelings you can experience when sitting in your dentist's chair. The knowledge that you have teeth needing to have cavities repaired means the dreaded drill and fill technique. It's even worse when your dentist says the cavities are so bad that you need crowns once the fillings are complete. There may be an alternative however to the drill and fill method you just might want to ask your dentist about. [Read More]